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Landscape Design

Uniquely You – Let Us Help Design Your Oasis

As an investment to your property, you should consider spending as much time planning the exterior of your home as you do the interior. Much like interior decorating, style and taste play a vital role in separating your home apart from others, helping you stand out from the crowd. If you don’t know much about landscaping, it’s tempting to sign up for a “cookie-cutter” design or to copy your neighbors. You’re doing your home and yourself and injustice by not taking the time to see what elements work best for your home. Even doing your research can be misleading—Pinterest and Garden magazines are great for drawing inspiration, but can easily lead you in the wrong direction, getting you excited for features that won’t work for your home or for our climate.

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Design Process

One Square Foot at a Time

Unless you have the budget and the patience to learn by trial and error, you should consider hiring a Landscape Architect to evaluate and design your home. Our expertly trained staff will meet you at your property and will take it a foot at a time, listening to your ideas and considering your inspiration. After going around your property and plans, we’ll measure your area to ensure size accuracy. Depending on the design package you choose, we will likely return to the shop and carefully craft a hand-drawn birds-eye view of your property, with all plants and features drawn in at mature sizing. Each project will have a hands-free, no-surprise price that includes all labor and materials, so you can prioritize your projects with whatever budget you have. Each design is unique to your specifications and can be edited to your liking.

The design process is the first exciting step to transforming your home. We love to take a property from start to finish, from the initial plan to the final product. Call us today to get on the list for a home visit.

Packages Offered

We are proud to offer two different types of Landscape Design Packages. Please read the descriptions below to determine which package is suitable for your needs:


Best suited for small or individual areas, the consultation package includes a home visit appointment where you will direct our Architect to the area you would like to work on. The work needed to bring your vision to life will be priced and designed if necessary. You will receive the proposal and/or design in the mail to ensure all your needs will be met. Once you are ready to go ahead with the job, call the Garden Center and let us know that you have approved your plan and we will get you on the schedule as soon as we can.
Consultations have a one-time fee of $50. This fee is to be paid before the design/estimate is released, does not apply towards the job as credit, and is non-refundable.

Master Design

This is our most comprehensive and holistic design package. Your Master Landscape Design will span multiple projects on your property and is usually completed in phases through multiple years of work, depending on the size of your budget. The Master Landscape design will include all facets of your landscape, including hardscaping, water features, light features, accents, and furniture from one end of your property to the other. Master Landscape designs are best suited for new construction, complete landscape overhaul, or commercial properties.

Master Landscape Designs have a one-time fee of $250, however the package comes with a $150 credit to be used however you would like, either towards your design or on purchases through the Garden Center. The $250 fee must be paid before the design is released and is non-refundable. Additional discounts may apply for Master Landscape Design Packages upon booking.

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