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Over 20 years of Experience

Abell Nursery - Landscaping - Monroe County Landscape Designer

Abell Nursery has been designing and installing landscaping in Bloomington for quite some time; you’ve probably driven past our properties without even realizing it. We rarely turn down a landscaping job, whether it’s commercial or residential, small or large.

No matter the style you’re looking for, our staff is educated to know what plants or features will work best for your area. Our Landscape Architects have designed gardens of many different styles like formal English Gardens, Mid-Century Modern, and even Xeriscaping. Feel free to research these styles to see what appeals to you and we’ll let you know what will work for your property.

Common Requests for Landscaping

  • Drought-Tolerant Save
  • Low Maintenance
  • Butterfly/Pollinator Gardens
  • Landscape Stone Edging
  • Fire Pits

Landscape for all your Senses

When planning your new landscape, it’s easy to focus only on how your landscape is going to look. While visual appeal is crucial for a year-round landscape, it’s also important to consider your other senses; don’t focus only on how your landscape looks but also how it feels. A dynamically planned landscape will give visitors chills by how it may sound, smell, feel, or move.

Simple additions like wind chimes or a fountain will bring calming sounds to your outdoor oasis.

Tall grasses can add another dimension of texture to your garden and bring it to life as the blades dance in the wind.

Sweet smelling blooms and aromatic herbs will have visitors sitting longer, relishing time together.

Start with colors and textures and let your area grow as you continually add elements that will make your landscape inspiring and memorable.

Consider all your Options

If you’re planning your landscaping for the first time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. With endless options, it’s easy to worry there’s something you’re missing. Let us help you consider all your options when planning your landscaping. Different accents can transform a basic area to a more interesting feature. Lead your guests through your landscape with meandering pathways or create a whimsical corner with a small fairy garden feature. Pergolas can transform a hot sitting area into a shaded Mediterranean-style dream. There are so many options when it comes to your landscape that can it’s hard to know where to start. Let us help you transform your vision into a reality.